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Application to Graduate 2018

Application to Graduate 2018

Only students who have successfully completed all course requirements and, where applicable, submitted their hardbound thesis by no later than 28 February 2018, will be eligible to graduate on 16 May 2018.

If you expect to have completed all of your course requirements, including placements and thesis, on or before 28 February 2018 please complete this application to graduate.

Note: This is an initial indication only, you will need to confirm by 10 April 2018 and can change your mind until then.

By submitting this request, you declare that, to the best of your knowledge you will have completed all of the requirements of the requested degree, including submission of all placement paperwork and hardbound thesis if applicable, by no later than 28 February 2018.

Your eligibility will now be checked.

An official invitation will be sent to you in late March 2018, to which you must RSVP by no later than 10 April 2018 in order to graduate on time.